Many people these days fall into the trap of online shopping or purchasing from inexpensive, chain outlets. Financially savvy people know it’s wise to spend a little more money for quality items versus buying lower quality at a discounted price point.  

This principle is called establishing a capsule-style wardrobe. The goal is to build a closet full of upscale, interchangeable basics.  

This can be accomplished by adding pieces in monthly, according to your allotted budget. Then, seasonal pieces can be rotated weekly to spice things up.

There are several advantages to using this method. Higher end products are made with higher quality fabric that is more durable and will maintain their appearance for a longer duration. A buyer should consider washing instructions and the feel and cut of the material when making selections.  This will save the consumer money in the long run, because items purchased last longer and do not go out of style over time. Buying classic pieces saves the consumer money, time and stress, leading to higher levels of satisfaction.

Another advantage is fit. Well-made products often fit the body better, creating a more put together look. A great example of this is jeans.  Poorly made, inexpensive jeans will often lose their shape over time. A well-made pair of jeans—that will hug your body perfectly for years—is well worth the investment. This is true of most staple elements.

There are many beneficial reasons for purchasing your capsule wardrobe from a brick and mortar store, such as feeling confident in your purchases. You can try the items on. This allows a person to touch, feel and verify the high quality. You know what you’re getting, whereas with online shopping, a consumer cannot be certain about the purchase, until they receive it in the mail. Also, you receive the benefit of one-on-one personal attention during your shopping experience.

Clothing is part of our daily lives.  It is a major part of our identity and impacts how people view us. Liking what you wear makes you feel better and gives you confidence. 

Here are a few shopping tips to make your experience easier:

  1. Don’t get caught up in brand names
  2. Touch, feel and try on before you buy
  3. Spend more on classic pieces
  4. Spend less on seasonal items
  5. Buy pieces you can mix and match

Keeping these tips in mind while shopping, will help make your experience of building a capsule wardrobe effortless, budget friendly, and ensure you love the pieces you take home for many years to come!